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Flight Planning and Control

When you take off your drone, you might be flying it with an undertaking in mind. Maybe you wish to examine a pipeline or powerline, examine a lighthouse, or chart and incarcerate a region of ground for a review.

In more multifaceted cases you may wish to map your flight thus the drone considers an explicit path. The planning may help in achieving the mission targets but also assist in avoiding limited air spaces, keep a record of flying stature limitations, battery existence, etc.

When employing your drone for mapping, surveying, volumes, or earth tasks it may be very useful to plan out the region to be flown, the integer of flight paths, the number of images and the overlie amid the images.

Software is present to operate on your PC or the mobile phone that connects with maps (like from Google Maps) to help you reform the flight. This is known as flight planning software.

What is flight management?

In maximum conditions, once the flight has been designed you would need a system (or Autopilot) to manage your drone straight so it goes after the flight you intended (and prospectively manage the camera direction). The drone you are flying requires having an AP that can load flight rules or commands and would generally need a GPS (to find out where the drone is on earth throughout the flight) and an IMU or Inertial Measurement Unit that assists the drone to go after the flight map in a forbidden way.

A flight planning software would generally have a method to download or send out commands to your drone. This is called as flight management.  Some software involves both flight planning as well as control abilities.

Do I require flight planning or control?

Some easy missions may be flown via eye and hand alone. This is appropriate only for small missions. Also, it may be tough for some situations, like flying a daily grid for performing surveying and mapping with photogrammetry, to fly via hand only. If you are mapping a region bigger than half a football area or soccer field or doing regular mapping or surveying, then flight planning as well as control can create the distinction amid a winning or losing project.

Which flight planning or control software to use?

If you possess flight planning or control software by now that offered with your drone and it fulfills your requirements then definitely give it a try.

Therefore, you may find the low-cost flight planning software from Duwatech. This software is the simplest method to already plan a photogrammetric mid-air survey for your UAV. You will be upbeat and flying in very little time with Duwatech’s RPAS flight planning software. This software would let you adjust significant imaging strictures: flying height, camera sensor, ground pace, forward overlie, side overlies, ground pixel dimension and imaging outline pace. This keeps you in overall control on your photogrammetric mid-air survey assignment and assures complete coverage on the area of significance.

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