ARMS V1 Software – Subscription

Flight planning and fleet management for professional Drone Operators

Business Application— RPAS (Drone) flight planning and fleet management.

Supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows

Compliant Flight Planning for Drone Operations

Record Keeping

Staff and Fleet Management

Workflow Description / Features

The ARMS program provides a unique interface that guides the user step-by-step through the various phases of project planning, execution and record keeping. The program dashboard provides instant feedback on task completeness.

Prepare A Comprehensive Flight Plan In Under 5 Minutes

Place a mission marker on the map to automatically generate:

Airspace Integration Instructions

Emergency Contact Information

Weather forecast from Environment Canada and Nav Canada

PDF Flight Plan

Easily Understand Airspace Data As It Relates To UAV Operators

ARMS provides simplified up-to-date airspace data for VFR operations to make it easy to understand the airspace surrounding your mission location.

View information for any registered or certified aerodrome, including emergency telephone numbers and radio frequencies.

Receive updates every 56 days to ensure your data is always current.

Follow Automatically Generated Airspace Integration Instructions

Follow communication protocol with Nav Canada and other operators in the mission’s region by following the location-specific airspace integration procedure provided to you by ARMS. Following these steps ensures that the drone operator is always abiding by Nav Canada Best Practices and Transport Canada regulations.

A standard e-mail to the Nav Canada UOS office is automatically generated and contains all the information required to receive permission to fly in controlled or uncontrolled airspace.

Use Helpful Operational Tools to Ensure That You Are Prepared For Any Situation

Know who to call and what to say with vertical/horizontal flyaway panic buttons and prepared statements

Various mapping options provide easy access to information on any element in the surrounding airspace

Keep track of your airtime and equipment usage by using the built-in mission timer.

Keep accurate, highly detailed pilot logs without filling out a single form

Keep accurate, highly detailed pilot logs without filling out a single form

Generate complete flight reports with the click of a button

Keep accurate, highly detailed pilot logs without filling out a single form

Send PDF flight reports to the program manager for approval and record keeping.

Manage Your UAV Operations With Easy To Use Fleet Management And Maintenance Tracking Tools

Log a UAV as “snagged” when maintenance or repairs are required

Keep chronological maintenance and repair logs.

Plan flights for Basic, Advanced, or SFOC-based operations.

Type of operation automatically detected by ARMS based on geolocation, airspace, and proximity to bystanders.

Maximum altitude and visibility minima verified and compared against regulations and automatically acquired weather reports.

Use standing or site-specific SFOC for flights that fall outside Basic and Advanced Operations