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Specializing in Drone services and design for commercial and law enforcement purposes, Duwatech refocused its activities on developing software tools to facilitate the integration of drones into manned airspace as regulations became more demanding.
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Maritime Perambulation and All-Purpose Surveillance

Tracking mission with day-and night-time operations for discovery and checking of vessels and or discovery of oil spills. This kind of mission needs a long staying power RPAS with LOS and BLOS abilities.

The RPAS employs its radar, visual and IR sensors to identify vessels and objects on the ocean. After the details from the vessel are forwarded to EMSA, feasible deduced vessels would be checked by the data analysis and quickly forwarded to EMSA/user. Prospective oil spills may be identified via manual study or via involuntary algorithms on board of the RPAS.

Marine Contamination (tracking and response prop up)

For marine contamination conditions needing a day- and night-time operation, extended endurance RPAS with LOS and BLOS abilities. This service is identified by an involuntary observation prototype navigation for intended tracking and recognition of prospective polluters, and for oil spill characterization (dimension, width, subparts, etc.) employing the suitable sensors.

RPAS services may support response operations by checking the development of the amount of the spill. To do so, interaction amid all the oil spill retort teams (ships and aircraft) should be managed throughout the operations.

Tracking Unlawful Fishing, Anti-Drug Trafficking or Different Unlawful Activities

Like a complementary chore to marine patrolling, the long variety cameras on the RPAS permit for unlawful activities to be identified on craft decky. In addition, the RPAS speed and its increased altitude permit the user to check and find out the behavior on board the ferry whereas keeping the aircraft untraceable. After locking on the aim, the RPAS can check it, providing its fortitude permits.

Emissions Tracking

The RPAS can bring SOx sensors so as to evaluate the sulfur substance in the plume produced via ship, and thus estimate the sulfur substance of the fuel burnt via the vessel. Dependent on the ratio of sulfur checked, this permits the Member States to feasibly aim inspections to find if further follow-up is needed.

Search and Salvage

With LOS and BLOS abilities, the aircraft runs towards the container, life-raft or boat identification, thus the requirement of search prototype direction-finding.

Apart from it, there comes RPAS fleet management software as well. The key advantage that fleet management software would offer you is time and cash saving. This is one of the causes that make it the main selection for administrators. When you may administer everything from a system, also from distant places, you may get a clear depiction of what issues grow to a particular driver or if a particular path is not the best selection. In this way, you may evade extreme costs and decrease costs wherever feasible, creating more space for savings.

The performance features of definite RPA cannot be distinctive of that for the manned airplane; air traffic controllers may require accommodating a broader variety of capabilities.

Conventionally, controllers have securely administered infrequent flights that do not counterpart the prepared abilities of the distinctive fleet mix surrounded by their region of accountability.

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