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Specializing in Drone services and design for commercial and law enforcement purposes, Duwatech refocused its activities on developing software tools to facilitate the integration of drones into manned airspace as regulations became more demanding.
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Fleet Management Software
Fleet Management Software

Fleet management decreases downtime and improves effectiveness by mechanizing vehicle health checks, route checking, and driver statistics. By automating these procedures, business holders are narrowing the window for randomness, reducing expensive repairs and belated shipments.

Consider it or not, there are fleet routing conservatives available that refuse to dump their pen and paper process for the software that completely automates the procedure. What they do not know: it is charging them. A driver goes to a fester on the turnpike, setting again delivery points an hour, considers an incorrect turn and winds up 30 minutes out of the path.

Definitely fleet routing software is not an alleviate all; it cannot alter the weather or stop that traveler from outstanding a rail, but it can offer real-time path analytics through GPS, taking drivers on the fastest route to their target, and recalculating to put up all unexpected commotions.

3rd party mapping apps like Google Maps, RPAS fleet management software, etc., make each driver a navigation specialist, familiarizing them with every short-cut and back road.

The fleet routing tool removes room for human mistake, stopping the stress that couples with mapping out each turn in the region you are not well-known with.

Mechanize the Fleet, Enhance Effectiveness

Inexorably, the software that offers-

  •   Send off communication amid manager and fleet
  •   Arranging tasks involving real-time information
  •   Path replays and KPI’s involving mileage and influx times
  •   GPS incorporations
  •   Vehicle tracking with engine control components
  •   One-click statements and billing abilities employee statements
  •   Expenses and transaction narration improves the whole efficiency of trade. A growth in effectiveness translates into a range of advantages for clients, for employees, and the business as a whole. Let us assess the area of authority.

The Client

Making correct routes yourself or employing outdated software is an unfeasible task; clients are depending on the correctness of a routing arrangement, setting up their day all over a predictable time of influx dependent on those routes.

By automating the procedure with custom route administration software with the capability to compute traffic holdups and time expended at stoplights, deliverance and influx times may be dispensed with a larger degree of correctness.

Fleet routing tools will improve client satisfaction by improving fleet certainty. A bigger level of client satisfaction directs to positive recommendations and reiterating business, an arrival that finally winds up in the merchant’s receptacle.

The Driver

Fleet routing software permits you to track your fleet and your team at times of the day. We all wish to convict that our staff is performing at their complete potential—driving fleet motor vehicles to the listed place securely and competently. 

Indeed, a driver can affect fuel charges considerably. If a driver is running a fleet vehicle with no intent, and with small regard to direct optimization, fuel charges would decrease ROI.

The Business

Fleet routing tool or software is the viaduct amid fleet and home foundation—a filtration arrangement for both predictable and unexpected road obstructions.

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