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Record Keeping Software

Flying a drone may be difficult, particularly when you are first to start. On the work site, there are a large number of possible obstacles varying from structures to climate, and all in between. By mechanizing drone flights, you may help in reducing the risk of somewhat going mistaken, such as an accident that harms an individual or equipment. Always keep VLOS or visual line of sight with the drone every time, and be prepared to take authority should something come about. 

One of the occupants of being an accountable pilot is always verifying your airspace beforehand flying. TFRs or temporary flight restrictions can alter at an instant’s notice, and your group requires being sure that flights are submissive with FAA rules each time.

Good record-keeping is essential to any sector. And drone documentation is not diverse. You will require developing a system for keeping all mission details. Records are essential should something go incorrect during or later than the mission. You may need to finish a retroactive study or give complete details to other sections in the organization like legal or risk administration.

Therefore, if you are in search of the best software for drone record keeping, then, by using the drone operations record-keeping software of Duwatech, you can get many features and advantages such as:

Record Your Flights With Complete Information

Bring in your flight record to fill up information involuntarily, see GPS outline and play it again. Duwatech supports log files from a large number of drone operating companies.

Create Conventional and Lawful Reports

PDF details recognized with your company logo and details. Produce compliance (CAA, FAA, CASA, EASA, CAD, TBST, and DGAC) details in a few seconds. Regulatory companies need you to create records on the requirement.

Keep All Association and Flight Documents

Administer your operational documents: Checklists, before-flight forms, risk evaluation…etc.

Make a Conventional Checklist and Risk Evaluation Forms.

Administer maintenance of your drones as well as equipment.

Get alerts when subsequent maintenance is attained.

Arrange Your Missions

Arrange your mission and make your flight region by verifying a controlled airspace position. Make mission documents such as a checklist, risk evaluation, etc).

Administer Your Association and Pilots

Manage pilot coinage. Your pilots allocate their information inside the association. Accumulate your association documents such as certifications, licenses, notices, etc.

Supervise Your Equipment

Keep a record of the equipment flying point. Administer their maintenance.

Run Battery Cycles

Append your battery charges and find out battery performance more than usage. Manage battery health above the time to fly with secured batteries.

 Keep Details Your Flight Events

Keep a record of pilots and drone or equipment used. Report event to your observance service.

Apart from the above features, describing a reliable set of before and after-flight processes will improve safety and decrease the possibilities of something going incorrect in the area. It is significant to run before and after-flight security checks each time you move to the skies. A useful checklist is easy, repeatable, and would deal with the mission, job location, flight team, and surroundings. 

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