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Specializing in Drone services and design for commercial and law enforcement purposes, Duwatech refocused its activities on developing software tools to facilitate the integration of drones into manned airspace as regulations became more demanding.
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RPAS Fleet Management Software

You may generally have vehicles to track and manage, batteries to charge, and a group of pilots to guide. Since you add up drones to your fleet and shift to many projects, this may fast become a problem, particularly at the software end: you should not need to employ the single tool for flying, processing and assessing drone information, and one more tool for administering drones, cameras, as well as pilots.

Therefore the fleet management software makes it simpler than ever for you to administer and balance your drone operations. With the fleet management ability, you may involuntarily check flight information for each drone, battery, and camera, together with every pilot. Then, you may see and assess all of this information in the cloud-dependent dashboard, just a click away from your drone models and maps.

Fleet management software effectively helps you in tracking and maintaining your different drone operations—and help you get visibility into your vehicle and pilot movement all over your whole company—no issue where you are.

No issue how big your operation develops, Duwatech’s drone software makes it simple to keep complete records on each aspect of your drone operation, involving job specs, flight details, pilot records, and equipment management.

It makes it simple for your legal, executive, and regulatory groups to go through all the records they require – expediently situated in a single place.

– Accumulate flight logs, bring in-flight information, and download drone reports

– Keep dependable records for in-house and authoritarian audits

– Simply access crew member’s flight knowledge, certification and records

– Check aircraft location and make sure appropriate maintenance

Duwatech’s RPAS fleet management software is a safe, patent awaiting, web-based app that offers any drone operator, even if a hobbyist or a business with lots of drones, with a quick and simple method to administer a fleet of UAVs. Users may input flight details, aircraft management needs and regular activities through the accessible software. Supervisors may see all entered details from a system or mobile phone, without worrying about updating different spreadsheets. Your business would run more competently and successfully letting you comprehend a better ROI you have made in equipment and training.

Not only it enhances your efficiency, but it also assists them to stay secured by checking pilot requirements, aircraft examination requirements, and different significant safety criterion. Made by industry specialists who have many years of aviation knowledge and have piloted lots of commercial drone flights, it includes all bases. Keeping your group secured in the air is the initial step in making your program moving ahead.

It logs and tracks flight hours for everybody within your company. Hours are logged fast and proficiently into a recognizable logbook outline to make sure that your crews expend their time by flying- not doing formalities.

Also, customizes your inspection needs – check by airframe hours, calendar period or flights. Inspections are a regular portion of any expert aviation operation, manned or unmanned. Make sure that your operation is carried onto the track through its customizable and spontaneous inspection procedure.

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