About Duwatech Inc.

Specializing in drone services and design for commercial and law enforcement purposes, Duwatech re focused its activities on developing software tools to facilitate the integration of drones into manned airspace as industry regulations became more demanding. A decade of experience in RPAS operations and 30+ years of software application development, Duwatech’s goal is to provide accurate, reliable, and easy to use tools to the unmanned aviation industry.

Airspace Risk Management System

ARMS (Airspace Risk Management System) is a flight planning and fleet management program for professional Drone operators developed in Canada by Duwatech in cooperation with Nav Canada.

Drone Action

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The development of ARMS is guided by feedback from our users and regulatory bodies. If you ever have a suggestion, feature request, or bug report, please do not hesitate to let us know! If you would like to try ARMS before buying, contact us and we will send you a free 30 days trial.